My story

Starting at the age of 16, I began experimenting with building guitars in my basement. While I struggled initially on the execution, I immediately knew it would become my passion. Four years later, I have become exponentially more skilled at luthiere, and I continue to learn every day. I added CNC capability in 2018, which greatly improved the quality of my guitars. I continue to evolve my process to ensure my guitars are of the absolute highest quality possible.

why "acer"?  

Acer is the genus name of the family of species of maple trees. For example, the Latin name of the Sugar Maple tree is "Acer Saccharum". This is also why I have a maple leaf on every one of my headstocks. Acer is not only a reflection of my interest in wood but also of my love of Canada. 

high quality woods and materials

Wood is the fundamental material of guitars. It is also a personal obsession of mine. Acer Guitars offers a multitude of species - whose origins span the globe - to choose from. Check out the WOOD section of the website to browse wood currently in stock and wood that can be acquired for your guitar.

unique and ergonomic designs  

Each Acer Guitars model is designed with playability and ergonomics primarily in mind. The tertiary focus (although still important) is aesthetics, which is achieved through classic designs with modern twists. Every model pays special attention to the neck joint, which allows tremendous ease of access to all 24 frets.

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