Live-edged walnut epoch


date finished: august 2017

number: 006


     I bought a piece of wood for a shelf I was going to make. It was a piece of walnut with some serious rot on one edge and a live edge on the other. I took it home, dropped it on the workbench, and suddenly saw a guitar appear before me, even though half of it would have a huge crack in it. I started the next day to build this guitar, and a few months later it was completed. 


     To stabilize the void and rot on the bass side of the guitar, I ran 8 aluminum rods through the side, as well as hardening the rot with super glue and filling some areas with epoxy. It's now as stable as the wood had ever been. 

     Complementing the walnut body is an ebony fretboard, and a 3 piece walnut neck. This guitar is extremely light but sustains forever. It is loud acoustically, and sounds crystal clear through a clean channel - it also has great note definition with distortion. 





Model: epoch

Construction type: solid

Neck joint: set neck

Body finish: oil and wax polish

Neck finish: oil and wax polish

Fretboard finish: wax polish

Headstock inlay(s): ACER and maple leaf in aluminum

Fretboard inlay(s): squares in aluminum




Neck pickup: warman humbucker

Bridge pickup: warman humbucker

Tuners: 3x3 chrome gotoh

Bridge: chrome fixed

Tailpiece: N/A

Strap buttons: chrome locking




Potentiometers: 1 volume (500kΩ), 1 tone (500kΩ)

Switches: 3-way toggle (up: neck, middle: both, down: bridge)

Output jack: ¹/₄” mono

Coil taps: no

Other: N/A



Scale length: 25”

Fretboard radius: 12”

String spacing (nut): 1 ¹¹/₃₂”

String spacing (bridge): 3 ¹/₃₂”

Fretboard width (nut): 1 ⁵/₈”

Fretboard width (22 fret): 2 ¹/₄”




Top: N/A

Body: walnut

Neck: 3pc walnut

Fretboard: ebony

Headstock veneer: walnut

Back of headstock veneer: N/A


Fretboard binding: curly maple

Headstock binding: curly maple

Body binding: N/A


Pickup rings: N/A

Knobs: african blackwood

Truss rod cover: ebony

Control cavity cover: walnut


Truss rod: 2-way

Frets: medium nickel-silver

Nut: bone

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