wood species

African Mahogany
Native to Africa. Great for bodies and necks, medium density/weight. Often has beautiful "ribbon" figure, as shown.
Birdseye Maple
Native to the eastern US and Canada. Makes a stunning fretboard or neck. Hard and moderately heavy.
Black Limba
Native to western Africa. Cream coloured wood with darker streaks. Great choice for bodies. Similar in hardness to Mahogany, although slightly lighter.
Black Palmwood
Native to tropical Africa and Asia. From coconut palm trees. Technically a grass and not a wood, but very usable nonetheless. Chocolate brown with darker flecks, Black Palmwood makes a beautiful fretboard. Very hard and very heavy.
Black Walnut
Native to Canada and the United States. Rich, dark brown heartwood. Suitable for necks, bodies, and tops. Sometimes found in burls, curly, or crotch figure varieties. Moderately hard and heavy.
Native to South America. Pretty self explanatory here - it's blood coloured. Makes nice contrasting pieces for bindings or neck laminations . Also suitable for fretboards or tops if desired. Extremely hard and heavy.
Native to Mexico and Central America. Hard to find in widths large enough for tops, but is beautiful if you can. Fretboards and necks are beautiful.
Native to central Africa. Makes a beautiful top, fretboard, or neck. Darkens to a richer colour with age; sometimes found with mottle figure. Related to rosewood; very hard and very heavy.
Native to the eastern US and Canada. A realtive of Black Walnut, Butternut is a softer, and whiter version - it is sometimes called White Walnut. Only suitable for bodies. Soft and light.
Buckeye Burl
Native to the southwest United States. Only suitable for tops as it is soft, sometimes weak, and easily breakable. Reinforced with super glue or epoxy to strengthen. Lightweight.
Native to South America. An understated yet gorgeous wood. Great for necks, slightly heavy for bodies and not hard enough for a fretboard.
Native to Caribbean areas. A nicely coloured wood that has hints of orange, red, purple, brown and black. Makes a nice fretboard, top, or neck. Hard and heavy.
Native to Canada and the United States. Nice grain and colour. Darkens significantly with age to a orange-brown. Nice for neck laminations in neck through blanks.
Native to eastern Canada and the United States. A fair coloured, moderately hard and heavy wood, Chestnut makes a nice body.
Claro Walnut
Native to Oregon and California. A relative of Black Walnut, Claro is slightly lighter and often has more variance in colour. More streaky and can have some crazy figure. Suitable for tops and bodies. Moderately hard and heavy.
Native to Nicaragua, a true rosewood of the dalbergia genus. Absolutely stunning wood with brown and black streaks on a reddish background, sometimes with even purple highlights. Suitable for tops, fretboards, and necks. Extremely hard and heavy.
Cottonwood Burl
Native to the USA. Very interesting colour and figure. Many voids and soft spots, so only suitable for tops or sometimes bodies. Soft and light.
Curly Maple
Native to Canada and the US. For tops, necks, and sometimes fretboards. Can be the soft or hard maple (the figure is prevalent in both types).
Curly Redwood
Native to the southwest US. Not the famous redwood (sequoia) tree, but a close relative. Suitable for tops only. Soft and lightweight.
East Indian Rosewood
Native to India, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka. Traditionally used for fretboards, although suitable for necks or tops if found in suitable dimensions. Very hard and heavy.
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Native to Mexico and Central America. Hard to find in widths large enough for tops, but is beautiful if you can. Fretboards and necks are beautiful.